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Product Overview

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A POS Revolution

Easy to use ordering interface

NetPOS is the next major step in the evolution of Restaurant Point-of-Sale systems. The cash register of the future will change the way you do business. It will be able to do much more than just ring up the total sale, print out a receipt, and dispense change.

The cash register of the future will be an intelligent system that knows what's going on with your business. It won't just take care of mundane administrative tasks like keeping track of timesheets and cashflow, it will be a powerful business analytics tool and valuable partner. Our systems will collect and analyze data to provide you with a complete picture of your operation, allowing you to operate more efficiently and identify areas where you're making money and areas where you're not. We take all the time-consuming micro-management out, freeing you to concentrate on more important things-- like growing your business.

Real-time Business Metrics

Run analytical reports and get up-to-the-minute business metrics.

With NetPOS®, you'll never again have to worry about "what's going on at the restaurant." That's because with NetPOS Restaurant POS, you have the means to know instantly- from anywhere in the world.

Other systems may offer some of the remote administration capabilities of NetPOS. But no other system offers the unparalleled, fully-integrated internet access to all the management functions of your enterprise, regardless of size, built right in to the basic package. And because there is no software to buy, NetPOS can require significantly less capital outlay to purchase.

All you need is a web browser. Manage your business from anywhere you want, at any time of the day or night. Whether you're in an airport lounge or in your pajamas, you'll always be able to stay

See what's going on in your entire restaurant with the push of a button.

Wireless Management

The Enterprise System allows you to manage your restaurant remotely, thus giving you control even when you can't be on site. At home or away, you can review all reports from single or multiple restaurants. Collect data and analyze it. Edit menus, discounts, payin and pay-out reasons, add employees, edit time slips, change security settings, look at the activity in your restaurant— in real time-— and much more. All from your Internet-connected Web Browser.

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